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Solomon Islands’ Tinakula volcano started erupting

Solomon Islands’ Tinakula volcano started erupting

The Tinakula volcano in Temotu Province of Solomon Islands started erupting early Saturday morning, October 21.

There are no predictions on when the eruption of the Tinakula volcano in Temotu Province will stop, reports SIBC.

The volcano sent black ash into nearby communities when it started erupting, and authorities do not have a scientific way to monitor the situation and determine when it will end, according to Loti Yates, director of the National Disaster Management Office of Solomon Islands.

“From what we know currently, the danger of the volcano’s impact on Santa Cruz is very small or very limited,” Mr Yates said.

He said ashfall in nearby communities and effects of the ash on civil aviation are the main concerns. An aviation warning was issued on Saturday for the Santa Cruz Islands.

Mr Yates said ashfall is expected to continue for the duration of the eruption.

He advised residents in the area to take steps to minimise the harmful effects of sharp particles in the ash, which can irritate the skin and other parts of the body.

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