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First ni-Vanuatu footballer to sign professional contract in 2018?

First ni-Vanuatu footballer to sign professional contract in 2018?

While Bong Kalo is serving a three month football training program with FC Ascona in Switzerland, and Ronaldo Wilkins travelling to Sao Paolo for a 2 weeks trial with Sao Paolo, Vanuatu football is testing new grounds.

As football in Vanuatu is only at the amateur level, there has never been a player in recorded history who has signed a professional contract.

For Bong Kalo’s case, his agent wants him to sign a professional contract in Italy, but in order for him to do so Kalo must first spend an entire season under the Italian Football System to be eligible to sign a contract changing his status from Amateur to Professional in Italy.

So Kalo will first come back to Vanuatu before going to Italy again, where his agent will have to find him a club to play for as a professional footballer.

Wilkins will be venturing into totally new grounds without any agent, as the trial was arranged by his former mentor at the Asia Pacific Academy, when he was in New Zealand.

Kalo’s agent Bruno in an earlier statement vowed to make sure Kalo signs himself a professional contract.

As for now Vanuatu will have to wait until 2018 to see a first ever local football player to sign his professional contract.

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