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Author: Vila Times Editor

ABM Galaxy FC signs three Solomon Islands players

First Division club, Au Bon Marche Galaxy FC has signed three Solomon Islands international for the second leg of the Port Vila Football Association 2017/2018 season. The three Solomon Island players are James Naka, Nelson Sale and Joses Nawo, whom are now on loan at Nalkutan FC. Reports say that the three, whom many thought were here to play for Nalkutan FC, have been signed by Galaxy FC, and are ready to don the Galaxy jersey after the Oceania Champions League ends. Another Solomon Islander, Moffat Kilifa, Nelson Sale’s younger brother, whom last season played for Ifira Black Bird...

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Swedish Honorary Consul to Vanuatu replaced

Swedish Honorary Consul to Vanuatu, Karl Waldebäck, has been replaced. The replacement of Karl Waldebäck has been in work for several months, Swedish Consulate reports. It is the Swedish Foreign Affairs policy that honorary consuls should not serve after they have reached the milestone of 70-years of age. Swedish Foreign Affairs did not want to replace Karl who have served with distinction since 1988 so he was kept on-and-on. This year Karl Waldebäck will be 75, and it was no longer possible to renew his appointment, the report says. The new Swedish Honorary Consul appointed to Vanuatu is Marie...

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Brian Kaltak confirms potential transfer to Lautoka FC

Vanuatu international Brian Kaltak, who is now playing for Tasman United in New Zealand, has confirmed reports about Lautoka FC’s transfer interest. Following the report on that Fijian champions Lautoka FC have shown interest in signing Kaltak to play in the Oceania Champions League, Vila Times Sports got in contact with Vanuatu international and he has confirmed the news. “Lautoka FC approached me, and we will have the papers finalized soon,” Kaltak said. This will be Kaltak’s fourth club in the Oceania Champions League, as he has been featured in the past for Amicale FC, Erakor Golden Star...

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Nalkutan’s international friendly postponed to next week

Solomon Islands former champions Kossa FC were supposed to fly in yesterday afternoon, but saw their flight cancelled and moved to Tuesday. Kossa were supposed to have their first international friendly with Nalkutan FC on Saturday 2pm, at the Korman Stadium. With fans already queuing to buy the tickets, the organizers have been forced to reschedule the international friendly. “We were informed late by the Solomon Airlines that the team cannot make it to the flight and that they have been rebooked to fly out on Tuesday next week,” Nalkutan FC Port Vila Executive Member said. “We were sure...

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Freedom in the World 2018 index: Vanuatu scores 81 out of 100

American research organisation Freedom House released its annual Freedom in the World index, which measures political rights and civil liberties in countries around the world. According to the Freedom in the World 2018 index, 88 countries in the world are “free,” 58 are “partly free” and 49 are “not free.” In the Pacific all countries are rated “free” except two – Fiji and Papua New Guinea. Both were rated “partly free” with scores of 59 and 63 out of 100 respectively. Vanuatu rated “free” with the score of 81 out of 100. New Zealand has the highest score in...

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Kava exporter: it’s time to take advantage of high prices and grow the industry

A Fijian kava exporter is urging Pacific people to focus on commercial operations rather than small subsistence farming following last month’s lifting of a European Union kava export ban. Lami Kava director Donny Jason Yee, whose family has been farming kava since the 1970s, said now is the time to take advantage of high kava prices and grow the industry, RNZI reports. Mr Yee said the local market in Fiji was fiercely competitive, worth $US148 million annually, and the biggest challenge export-wise was competing with Vanuatu. Currently, Fiji farm gate prices range per kilogram between about $US45 – $60...

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Brian Kaltack may transfer to Fijian Lautoka FC for Oceania Champions League

Vanuatu defender Brian Kaltack is a transfer target for Fiji champions Lautoka FC, according to the report by OceaniaFC web-site. The 24-year-old international is currently playing for Tasman United in the New Zealand Premier League but is considering a move to Lautoka in time for the Oceania Champions League. The move would be a shock given his excellent performances for Tasman United since joining in 2017. He has played eight games this season for United, scoring once. A key figure for the Vanuatu national team, Kaltack has four goals in 15 appearances since his debut in 2011. Kaltack previously...

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‘Vanuatu should focus on unique selling proposition to attract tourists’

EIF’s Ratnakar Adhikari on financial support to the Pacific, tourism growth in Vanuatu and region’s development potential Dr. Ratnakar Adhikari, Executive Director of the Executive Secretariat for the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) housed at the World Trade Organization, in this exclusive interview for Vila Times, talks about EIF’s projects in Vanuatu, the development of tourism, resurgence of interest in electronic commerce and Vanuatu’s most effective governmental institutions.   – Hi Ratnakar. For those who are not familiar with EIF, could you please explain, what role EIF plays in financing development projects in the LDCs (Least Developed Countries) and how...

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New calls for sugar tax in New Zealand

The call for a sugar tax has been strengthened by a new study of New Zealand’s soft drinks which shows they contain more sugar than in other countries. The University of Waikato research found the drinks contained a higher amount of sugar than those in most other Western countries, New Zealand Herald reports. Lead author Lynne Chepulis said the average fruit juice or soda in New Zealand had up to five or six teaspoons of sugar, compared with maybe three or four teaspoons in the United Kingdom. She said regulations like sugar taxes were encouraging manufacturers to reduce the...

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Vanuatu biodiversity officers ‘have very little idea’ of the Nagoya Protocol: United Nations

The Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilization came into effect in 2014 under the Convention on Biological Diversity. The Protocol creates greater legal certainty and transparency for both providers and users of genetic resources derived from plants and animals. “It provides a mechanism to ensure that benefits from the utilization of genetic resources are shared in a fair and equitable way, to support continued resource conservation and sustainable use,” said UN Environment ecosystems expert Stamatios Christopoulos. Currently Vanuatu, the Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, the Marshall...

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